I'm so excited, but need advice.

Hey, so yes, mark the time and day the guy I like may get pizza with me and my friends, which isa start. Haha, but I really need advice how not to act stupid around him, I know to be myself which would be a lot eaier if I could say somehting to him with out sounding dumb haha but seriously any adivce on that? Also, I need a way to not get work up because he may not even come so I don’t want to get high hopes than be dissapointed. But wish me luck, I think I may have a shot! :]

Answer #1

Exactly, just be yourself. Don’t wear too much makeup because, trust me, guys don’t like that. Do wear a little though. Make sure you talk, but not too much! Good luck :)!

Answer #2

well if he comes just be your self if he likes you he wont propale mind if you saysomething stupid ok so just be your self

Answer #3

Just go like you were going with your friends. If he really likes you he wont mind how you act. You dont want him to love a fake person. BE YOURSELF! Trust me. Im dealing with a load of sh#t right now with my girlfreind because I never acted myself and I always lied because I thought it would make her happyer then the truth. 3 months and its getting shot down. The best advice someone can give you is be yourself and dont lie.

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