I'm ready, but is he?

my boyfriend & I have been together 7 months now & he used to be all perverted & say he wanted to do lots of things but it made me mad so he stopped. He has felt my boobs before while we were making out, but just over my shirt. Hes had his hand under my shirt but not above my stomach. I’m ready for him to go under my bra but I don’t think he will because he thinks I don’t want to. I’m thinking about telling him it’s ok if he does, but do you think he’s ready to?

Answer #1

il tell you sumthing that made my ex go crazi I got on top of him while we was maken out and took his hand and put it and my shirt under my bra he loves it stil today he wants it… just tak his hand and do it for him… hes a guy hes readi for anything

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