I m on birth control but the condom broke

I've been on birth control for almost a year, and a week and a day ago I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. And at the moment, my stomach has been kinda feeling sick, and we are both really scared. And I just started to spot yesterday. Am I pregnant?

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If you have been taking birth control for over a year, then you are fully protected, even if the condom broke. The feeling you have in your stomach is probably just your nerves because you have been stressing yourself out over the matter. Relax and take it easy and the pain should go away. I highly doubt that your pregnant. Good Luck!

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If your taking the pill regulary and as prescribed there should be no problem. It is still advisable to wear protection if you and your boyfreind haven't been together for long and if you are unsure about his past partners. this way you will also be protected from s.t.I's.

The pill if used correctly can be up to 98% effective. so know need to worry :)

I'm on birth control, but the condom broke...

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no because one its way too early to tell if your pregnant and two birth control is really effective a lot of people dont even use condoms when there on birth control I wouldnt recomend not using a condom but still im sure your not pregnant just be more careful next time. if your stil worried take a test a week before your next period. I wouldnt worry tho

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