what should I do to be an advisor?

what should I do to be an advisor? xp just got curious..;-p

Answer #1

your welcome!! (Some abbreviation is ok, just don’t make it through the entire answer!). Good luck! [¤:

Answer #2

Oh great! thank you for that… xp

Answer #3

answer lots and lots of advice!

Answer #4

I appreciate it! xp I like the site, though.. :p

Answer #5

Read here: http://www.funadvice.com/advisors (upper left…)

and here: http://www.funadvice.com/doc/advisor_guide

Also, we want people to be here for a few months before we consider it…we don’t want people to disappear right after they get promoted, lol (it’s happened a few times…) also, that way we know they really like the site & want to continue to use it. Thanks for asking.

Answer #6

To be an advisor for FunAdvice: You have to be on the site for a mth. Have good spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You must consistently give good advice And, you must be polite, and respect the other users when answering their questions

After a mth, if you feel you meet these qualifications the funmail editor and let her know you are interested!! Hope that helped! [¤=

Answer #7

nice! I think I’m gonna love it.. xp (just don’t assign me with math-related questions if I’d be chosen, okay?!) lol! =D

Answer #8

U pick whatever you want to answer!! That’s the beauty of it. Since I am an RN I answer a lot of the medical questions as well as misc questions I may have an opinion on? Its fun.

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