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am I bad for taking drugs?

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I have been smoking marijuana for the past two years. and I don't see marijuana as a "drug", it is a natural plant that if we do have a "god", he obviously put it there for a reason, right? so don't answer that. =] but, for the past four months I have been taking ectasy. for the first month, I rolled every weekend, all weekend. for the next two months I rolled every other weekend or so. and for the past month, I only rolled twice. now me and my sister plan on rolling tomorrow [friday], today is thursday. I now the long term risks of ectasy, but am not "addicted" and I don't have a problem that is out of control. but is it wrong to roll? along with ectasy, I have been drinking about doing coke. quite a bit. but like I said, I am not an addict and it's not a serious problem. I just enjoy doing the drugs when it's available. I don't spend money on drugs. I usually just are given them. is that wrong?