Does doing drugs make someone a bad person?

Do you think that doing drungs is a bad thing/make you a bad person?

Answer #1

I know quite a few people who take drugs…at various levels/sorts…none of them are “bad” people. I admit I’ve considered taking speed to help me lose weight, but I’m not a bad person.

Answer #2

There is so much negativity around it - just with smoking, drinking, not doing your homework etc… The reason why it is such, is because of the negative consequences it has on a person just like smoking, drinking, not doing your homework does :)

Answer #3

I don’t think that it makes you a bad person, because ANYONE can get involved with them, but I do think that it is a bad thing to do drugs… I have seen it ruin many lives.

Answer #4

it wouldn’t make someone abad person ,but it will ruin his life ,and it won’t make him abetter person.

Answer #5

deffintly, come one choochee, it doesn’t make you a bad person..just makes you unhealthy and all that humble jumble bullcrap

Answer #6

well it is bad 4 your body_c’mon thats common sense and it well make you more stressed,which may you grumpy

Answer #7

def. not!!

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