How to get a girl to like you as a boyfriend...?

Alright so (you’ll come to find out im like a romance guy) so anyway I like this girl at school we text a lot almost all the time, but we never talk in person and she likes me as a friend. But I like her the other way… So how can I talk to her in person and feel comfortable around her and what can I do to atleast make her think about me a little. And as far as I know she knows I like her…and if she would like me back then I know that she would be happy with me as a boyfriend, but she doesnt see it, so what can I do?

Answer #1

Well you can’t make her like you as a boyfriend. But Girls love it when you go and talk to them first. Get the confidence and you’ll be fine :) Also remember ABC = Always Be Complimentary. Good luck

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