How to tell my parents I've been lying about my grades?

well my mom is soo strict about my grades…she wants all A’s…and she said if I dont get all A’s shes takin my phone and car away…and I didnt get all a’s and its my senior year and im in all honors classes, so I didnt want it to be gone, I want to enjoy my senior year…so I lied bout my grades and I do feel bad about it and if I tell them, they’ll be mad for lying and not getting A’s at the same I don’t know what 2 do..any suggestions? and my mom is the hardest person to be talking bout grades…if I tell her, she’d go I don’t know wha 2 do…

Answer #1

I get what you r saying my mum is like that but at the ends of the day she just wants the best for you not casue she is being hard she you to become something good in life and not just a next person that didn’t make nuttin of themself.

look at me I get 4 b and 8 c and my mum was happy but she said what happened to the A I said I try and got the amount of B and C and you are not will and I said that life you win some you lose some that you just the way life goes. I think you should tell your mum before the lies get out of control and matter get higher on you that you have to think of a lie to tell her all the time she ask you about your grade. to able to tell lies to parents it shoudn’t be about you education it should be about other thing but when it come to what is in your head that is a on go area don’t play wit that.

good luck and I hope I have help.

Answer #2

Just remember, in honors class even if you make a 80, it’s like making a 90 in a regular class. Every school tells you this. Honors classes are for smart kids. Your mom knows this. You are a good kid, you don’t deserve your things being taken away. Sit down with mom and explain this all to her, and let her know that things get crazy at school right before the Christmas holidays. Good luck.

Answer #3

well, why don’t you try getting A’s? if you tried hard in school, maybe you wouldn’t have to worry at all about your mother taking your things away.

Answer #4

parents dont always find out. I wouldnt tell em your practically an adult now and they should cut you some slack…strict parents suck!

Answer #5

you could do a few different things… you could tell her, get in a fight & stuff taken away.. or if the whole guilt thing works on her then that too.. or just bring all your grades up asap. im not in honors classes so im not exactally fimiliar with that but I get weekly progress reports that let me know how im doing and it’s wonderful.. maybe you could consider that too. hope I helped!

Answer #6

sad I wish my parents put more pressure on me, all they do is say, as long as I get passing thats fine with them (D) it’s like they don’t care and I want them to care… any who have you told your mom how you feel with all the pressur shes putting on you, mabe you could calmly talk to her about it (try at least a calm conversation) oh and maybe you sould just bring your grades up fast before she knows…(?)

Answer #7

You are going to have to tell your parents that you lied. You might actually score some points for coming clean. How can you enjoy your last year of high school living with the guilt and worring if they will find out? I’m sure they know what a good student you are. Ask for one more chance. Let them know that you will accept their punishment if you don’t get the A’s. At least through all this, there is a lesson to be learned. However; if your car and phone are taken away, remember to have as much fun as you can – it’s your senior year! Good luck!

Answer #8

Julia, nobody ever said life was easy…you know the right thing to do…Take care !!

Answer #9

I lie to my parents alll the time, sure I feel guilty for a few seconds but it helps

Answer #10

hi julia,do what you thinks right and in the end parents always find me.fingers crossed 4u.

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