I have two cats, how many do you have?

I have two cats. One is an orange Tabby named Oliver and the other is a calico named Pebbles. They sleep with me and I love them so much. Are there any cat lovers on funadvice?

Answer #1

I have 10! including 6 which are kittens :)

Answer #2

I have 14…many of them were rescued.

Fortunately, where I live, there are no pet bylaws.

Answer #3


a black and white one called skurje

and a tabby black and orange one called problem

Answer #4

I have 9, lol. 5 baby Maine Coons. 2 fully grown Maine Coons. 2 mixed breeds.

Answer #5

Oh, that is so sad. I leave a bowl of food out all the time for my babies.

Answer #6

aww cool, I like cats but aint allowed any because my mum and dad dont like thm but I fink they are nice and fury lol x

Answer #7

Hey, I just did.

Answer #8

We should start a cat lovers group!

Answer #9

Well, I have one cat named Alice. She is a cute white calico cat. But, scary thing, she has benn pregnant for quite some time. All Sunday we couln’t find her. Yesterday, I found her come out from under the shed aand SHE WAS THIN AGAIN! She had her kittens! But, I can’t see them as they are under our shed. Alice still comes out and I’m petting her now as I’m typing.

Answer #10

I have three cats. two are boys, one is a girl. the girl is small, oldish, white, and mean when one of our dogs are near. one of the boys is tall, is a tuxedo cat only with a mustache lol, about 4 years old, and loves spaggetti. the last one is also a tuxedo cat but more white than black, fat, nice, about 3 years old, and likes desserts( I bake mini cakes for him )

Answer #11

I love them. I wish that I could have 5. Maybe I can in a year when I finish college and have my own apartment.

Answer #12

I love them but dont have any because my mums a wildlife carer and we couldnt keep a cat because we have a lot of birds and other animals my boyfriend has 5 though

Answer #13

Yah I guess. I have three. Their names are Ming, Star, and Snuggles. Star is diabetic so she needs quite a bit of care. Snuggles is normal but getting old. Ming is obese because when he was younger he did not get fed that much so he eats all the time. The only problem with him is that he pukes if there is not food in his dish 24/7 because he gets scared he is not going to be fed again. So I just keep food in it.

Answer #14

I have a yellow and white cat named dottie. a yellow tabby named aslan. and dottie’s three kittens, josie, eenie, and moe which are all yelllow tabbys.

Answer #15

I like cats but a certain reason makes me dislike them very much,I’m a dog lover,I have a dog myself named Armanno,he’s a mixed breed,supposedly worth a lot of money. My very first dog was Black,it was Wolf like but wasn’t one,sadly put to sleep,he’s one reason I wear all Black to keep him in memory.

Answer #16

I have one cat, he’s all white and his name is Monkey. When he was little he would climb on the curtains (the little stinker) and would just hang there like a monkey.. lol

Answer #17

Just one- a wonderful black and white ball of mischief named Pixel.

There’s also a cat I’ve semi-adopted back home in New Zealand- she’s technically my parents’ neighbour’s cat, but they barely feed her or show her any affection (they have a lot of cats, and they neglect them a fair bit), so my parents feed her and give her attention. They even get my sister to feed her when they’re on holiday! I want to get her fixed, but my parents say it’s not our place to do that. Either way, the owners don’t seem to care for her, so if that’s still the case when I settle there in the future, I’ll be adopting her!

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