What to write my persuasive essay about?

I need a topic to write about for a persuasive essay?

Got any ideas?

Answer #1

How about, why Obama isn’t the first African American man to run for President?

(the first was Frederick Douglas in 1852) and how history is both unfair AND Americans are ignorant, and it’s partly the fault of major media…

Or how about how Fox (News Corp) is a right wing tool?


Answer #2

Pick a topic you feel passionate about, then it will be easy. How do you feel about: Abortion UFO’s Immigration issues The rights of the paparazzie the british monarchy parental rights just to name a few.

Answer #3

DEpends on what grade you are. FOr example you wouldnt write about the best store if your audience (peers and teacher) are too old. Or you wuldnt write aout the goverment if your audience is too young. But its always good to write about something that can be argued like is it good to outsource? THIS WAS MY PURSUASIVE PAPER AND I GOT AN A. ITs cool because most of the famous brands are made in other countries because its cheaper labor and cheaer cost for us. But at what price? BAd working conditions? minors forced to work?

Answer #4

why beauty magazines give girls negative body images. the unrealistic pictures in magazines make girls become anorexic and bulimic.

Answer #5

um your favorite clothes! yeah one of my X-best friends wrote bout it and it’s good! or what you look for in a friend.

Answer #6

or maybe who you would vote for if you could vote? Hillary Or Oboma. Personally I would vote for hillary. but I am to young. =[ Who wants a president who doesnt say the pledge of alligence? Or With The name Oboma wich sounds like oBOMBa.

Answer #7

A persuasive essay, otherwise called an argumentative essay, is one that requires a person to research a subject and contend a perspective. To compose persuasive essay is fundamentally to compose contentions that will demonstrate your case. Composing a persuasive essay requires the capability to win your followers to your side. And I will suggest you use any good essay writing reviews but you should know most overlooked fact about essay writing reviews exposed. So you can better to use below link to get good result.

Answer #8

A persuasive essay begins with the writer’s estimation; the idea is then underpinned with actualities. A good persuasive essay enticing article will likewise take a gander at the other side and compose a restricting contention. A persuasive essay utilizes motivation to exhibit that certain thoughts are more substantial than others in scholarly composing. The motivation behind such a paper is to urge book fans to acknowledge a specific perspective or act in a specific manner. To write a good persuasive essay you can buy essay reviews. It will give you good result in your persuasive essay.

Answer #9

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