I have stretch marks on my boobs!

okay im 15 and I already have stretch marks on one of my boobs. I dont like to wear low cut shirts cause its embarrassing to see. I tell people its just scratches but im not sure if they believe me…advicee?

Answer #1

coco butter!!! and don’t show your boobs like whoa!!! but I know you prob. dont do that but dont lie beecause everybody knows what they are and the marks are because your boobs are getting bigger hun :) l0l good luck :)

Answer #2

you could try using bio-oil get it from chemists im 16 now and used to have stretch marks, embaressing isnt it and I used bio oil it really works and I have not got them anymore

Answer #3

BIO OIL!!!..

Answer #4

I Have Them Too But My Friend Told Me To Use Coco Butter And I Did..They Are Not Completly Gone But I Cant Notice Them. Good Luck :P

Answer #5

Mine are the same but there not as bad as they used to be.

Answer #6

Coco Butter.!

Answer #7

coco butter is a definate help. apply it liberally. especially when your skin is moist. fresh out the shower for example. it’ll absorb it much better.

Answer #8

click the link below for more information about stretch marks: what causes them, ways to get rid of them, and prevent them


Answer #9

If you want to know the following:

why you get stretch marks

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how to improve your stretch marks

go to the following link:


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