Got a xbox 360 so not worth it compared to the ps3?

…I got a xbox 360!!


It is so not worth it compared to the ps3 I have to pay 500 For what I could get free on the ps3

I fear the red ring of death too Have I really made this horrible of a mistake !? …lol

Answer #1

u criminal… have fun with halo while im playing FF13 !! AHHH!! HAHAHA

Answer #2

I have to pay 500 for what I could get free on the ps3

What the hell are you talking about?

Answer #3

I heard that the price of a PS3 might drop in April.

Answer #4

You knew all this before you bought it, or at least you should have if you had done the smallest amount of research. You knew the price, you knew the technical specifications, and you knew the problems the machine has had with bricking. If you aren’t enjoying your high-end piece of consumer electronics, get rid of it. Any more pointless fanboy posts about how much the 360 does or does not suck should be made on a gaming forum.

Answer #5

Game library is more comprehensive…but, if you look at the “user satisfaction” from one survey I read about exclusive game titles, PS3 “won”…however, if the exclusive titles are what you’re after, then you need to figure out which ones you want the most.

Answer #6

sorry my bad to get a fully equipped xbox 360 it costs $500 I can get the same things on the least expensive ps3

…make a little more sense?

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