I have a cat in need of a wheelchair.

I am working on a cat wheelchair. Does anyone have any advise on how to make it or what materials are the best and light weight?

Answer #2

I have seen a small pet wheelchair on t.v. it involves the use of a harness around the cats chest- it is somewhat similiar to a horse drawn buggy- except the animal sits on the buggy.

I would use aluminum ‘L’ shaped pieces for its construction- and nylon for the ‘cradle’ where the cat will sit- tires would need to have rubber on them, I would get some remote control motorcycle tires (you should be able to find tires in a good hobby shop that deals with RC vehicles) maybe 6” or 7” tires would work best- spoked of course.

look at the “2 person” horse drawn carriage , and assemble a smaller version- scaled to your cat.

Answer #3

Thank to all who have responded! I appreciate it so much. Simba is my little man and I am going to help him walk again. Thanks again!!! Any and all advise is welcomed.

Answer #4

I was thinking of the ones they use for dogs…even very tiny dogs…there are probably pictures of them on line, to get a “feel” of what you might need. I think this is a GREAT thing for you to do!! Thank you!


Answer #5

When you wanna to make cat wheelchairs then you should use the very light material to make this chair and you should keep all the possibilities in your mind which can be occur. So,you should use fibre to make chair because it will much lighter then others.

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