Is it a problem that I hate tight clothes?

I like my clothes to be loose, not tight!! and tight ones look REALLY GOOD on me!! but I don’t feel comertable! sometimes I am, but I don’t wear them a lot, is that a problem??

Answer #1

thanks everyone! but there’s another problem (same subject) poeple laugh at me when I don’t dress the way they do!! and I don’t like the way they dress up!! I mean how could they wear pants with HOLES in them?!!! what an UGLY MODEL!!! I am dressing the way I want, and I keep ignoring those people most of the time, but I need something in the middle! I want to dress up like this, a little bit of new models, a little bit of what I want, can you tell me EVERYTHING new?!!! so I can mix my own model?!! thanks

Answer #2

Exactly what ^^ shaeluvspete said/ Wear what you want to wear. Me personally, hate really tight clothes. For me I can wear a little big loose and somewhat tight but I hate tight. Just be yourself and wear what makes you feel comfortable :)

Answer #3

Wear what you want to wear. If you want to wear tight clothes wear them, if you want to wear loose ones, wear them. As long as your comfortable, that’s all that matters. :)

Answer #4

I love wearing guys skinnies, and I look great in skinnies, everyone looks great in tight clothing unless your overweight or something. But remember Beauty knows no pain.

Answer #5

Honestly, wear whats comfortable for you. I’m in love with wearing sweat pants right now…probably because they are so comfy, and I can easily move around in them. But just as long as you don’t over do it with the baggy ALLL the time. It’s always nice to look good.

Answer #6

Go ahead and wear loose clothes day to day and save the tight ones for when you want to look spiffy.

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