I feel weird

When feel weird or so to say dizzy when I go to a new place. Say all of my friends house when I go into a new room that I dont know about and especially if I’m alone, I get this dizzy feeling like the room is moving. (is like the effect you see on tv when someone is high on drungs) just the movement not the color. Anyway I feel weird that that only happens to me and not my brother, is there anything to be worried about ?

Answer #1

I have similar problems when I go out, I can’t drink milk products like a hot chocolate, and I always become randomly embarrisingly sick. Talk to a trained psychiatrist if possible, it may have to do with something to do with a repressed memory? I don’t know, I’m not a pshychiatrist. The best you could do in my opinion is to try and control the feeling, and it may eventually go away, or you could just get used to it. ~Keith

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