How can I get my ex's a social site password?

Well me and my ex boyfriend broke up and I wanted to get his password for a social site because I want to know if he has been talking about me behind my back I already know his email address he uses for it so can you please get back to me on how to get people a social site passwords? thanks!!

Answer #1

you would have to know his password to his e-mail. so if you knew that then you could send his password from myspace to his e-mail and check it and you’ve got it.

Answer #2

I want 2 find out how to view my ex girlfriends myspace profile because it iz set 2 private and I wana c what guys she is talking 2?? what do I do?

Answer #3

KEYLOGGERS is the best way to go

Answer #4

key loggers is the best thing to use

Answer #5

I want my son password how can I get it

Answer #6


Answer #7

Damn im trying to do the same thing except I need to get into his and his new gurls

Answer #8

have u found out how to get it? cuz i need help to get mine.. i would like u to help if u know how.. hit me up on

Answer #9

mind your business…yall broke…who cares…you a little kid

Answer #10

umm its realy easy see you get the myspace source code then re edit it in your favriot editor I prefer visual studios by micosoft but then you alter a text saying send data* chnage to send data here: and presto it will be sent to you allu have to do is post it on the web

Answer #11

Seems if he’s your ex, doesn’t that mean he’s moved on and it’s over ? - just wondering….Have a good weekend !

Answer #12

Damnnn im having the SAME problem!!! lol

Answer #13

Just wish him well.

Answer #14

forget about him… this is very immature.

Answer #15

me too but I want to get into bt his and his new girlfriend and tell him its over and tell her its overr. like send him a message from his girlfriend and then block and send her a message from his and then they both wont talk to eachotherrr. and I can go and be like I still like you he asks me out and the yahh. so aweosmee:P

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