I don't know my dog's birth-date

When my mom brought our dog home a few months ago the only thing she told me was that he was 2 years old,but I asked her if she knew when his birthdate was,she doesn’t. How can I figure out when his birth-date is without asking the original owners?

Answer #1

Since dogs don’t really care what their birth date is…give him a birth date of 2 years to his “got cha” date…the date you got him…


Answer #2

carrying it to vet… but they cant g I’ve the exact date… so the best thing is to ask the original owner

Answer #3

Ask your vet an plus when you get him licensed their pretty good at getting the age right to.Just like My black lab was born in october of so so date bit I may not know his day he was born but I do at least know the month so I guess that counts an helps you out there maggot4.

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