I can't go for a walk...

I'm 20...Living in a dysfunctional family who have dealt with my older brother doing drugs...and currently my younger bro now doing drugs...guess he didn't get the message

I don't do drugs...well hard stuff...I smoke weed once in a while but its not the worst drug in the world...my brothers have done hard drugs like cocaine and oxys...

I went for a walk one night to clear my head, actually I walked around a cemetery...somehow that was calming...

But when I come back my parents are all worryed and saying "No! Nobody just goes for a walk..." They thought I was doing or getting drugs...I know my little bros an idiot right now but please don't bring this shit onto me...

They don't see me as responsible when I've been trying to show them...you know what...Fuck Them!!


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It looks like your perents are just worried, why? because it looks like they have had a perty bad expiriance about how all their sons ended up taking drugs. Try talking to them and also let them know that you are traing your best to just be the best you can. You have to understand your perents on how they are feeling about all this.

Also it looks like you are old enuff to move out, you know find a job and find your aparment and try your best to have a life yourself whit out just having so mannythings affect you.


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I like cemetry's too. no one there going to annoy you.
Look, they have good reason to be paranoid but it shouldn't burden you. If your brothers were foolish enough to take the path they chose, you shouldn't have to suffer for that.
if they don't trust you there just going to drive you away. you don't do drugs youv'e
nothing to hide. Just be straight up with them. Your an adult and your responsible - get off your case

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