I am not supposed to hate anyone... yet how can I NOT hate him?

ok I am trying to become more religious and I want to involve God more in my life. one of the sins is hating someone. yet how can I not hate someone who abused my own sister and ruined my life? and no not her boyfriend or anything, my dad, her stepdad. he is in jail now

Answer #1

Just go into a room close the door and just talk to Jesus and pour out your heart to Him. That all.

Answer #2

I don’t know how 2

Answer #3

Submit yourselves to the Lord. He will take the hatred out of you.

Answer #4

Think of it like this. Anytime you let something like this continue to bother you, you are basically giving up power to them. Just know that he is being dealt with and if he never gets himself right with God, he’ll pay dearly.

Answer #5

god says that you have to love everone but he is ok with you not likeing someone but you stil have to love them

Answer #6

Wow! You have gone right to the heart of a terrible problem for many people. My faith (Christianity) requires that I forgive those who harm me. Even more, I must forgive them if I expect to be forgiven for the wrong that do. I can make progress only through prayer and study. I can tell you, because I have seen it first hand, that harboring hate will only destroy you. Further, it allows the one who has wronged you to continue to have power over you. You have to figure out how to release it, within the context of your faith.

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