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Hey my peoples! lol This week has been very awkward for me. I find out my best guy friend(who just last month told me I needed to break up with my boyfriend so I could go out with him) never stopped liking me like he told me he did. He said(to my face) that he seriously likes me not like he tells me about all the other girls he likes but wayyy more than those flings! I was so shocked I couldn't say anything back but words finally came out of my mouth after a while. Now, I extremely love my boyfriend and he knows that so we are still friends for now. But as I'm typing this I found out he told some other girl that she wasn't that pretty but would she go out with him because he didn't know who to go out with. I'm guessing because of me and that situation. When she told him no, he asked her for some other girls number! WHAT A JERK! I don't care how much our situation might have hurt him but thats no excuse for what he has done! I am sooo desperate for yalls comments right now because he is still my best bud and I don't think I want that to change but don't you think I have to do something? PLEASE COMMENT ; )