I am being called a poser skateboarder!

I have no idea why,they started calling me that because I bought new bearings…I have been skating for 9 months..I can ollie,manual,caveman,acid drop,im not that good…but the people that call me that cant even ollie…is it because im fat..my bmi is 27…and I rest more often than they do..they say I just come and do nothing…how do I make them stop..

Answer #1

Dude they are just totally jealous . You’ve been skatin 9 mo. and they probably have been for 2 years or something and your better then them .

Dont listen . Im a bigger person and I skate so weight has nada to do with it..

Keep going man

Answer #2

my definition of a skater: a person who loves to skate, and doesn’t have to be good at it. that person is into anything that has to do with skating, and that’s how they spend their free time.
size doesn’t matter; I’ve seen skaters of all different sizes. you don’t have to dress like them, either; just wear what is comfortable. to me, you sound like a true skater. those other people are just upset because they could never do that; they only dream about it. so, don’t give up. keep skating!

Answer #3

people call me a poser because I wear pads and I dont wear skinny jeans. whenever I hear them call me a poser I just scream at them in a high voice and do some gnarly trick on the half pipe.

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