I am 17 and feel I ready to get married I love my boyfriend so much

me and my boyfriend started talkin about statin a family and gettin married hes 19 in february adim18 in september I really want to get married to him should I go for it

Answer #1

IT’S TOO EARLY TO DECIDE.17 is just the beginning of youth.wait for some more years.Enjoy sex in the mean time.

Answer #2

You are the only one who can decide this - Although since you are coming on the internet and asking complete strangers what should you do - that shows right now that you are not as ready as you think you are.

When you love someone and you want to marry them -its your decision and no one elses and you should not feel the need to ask any one elses opinions on it.

My opinion - wait a while. Your still young and what’s the point in rushing into a marriage anyways?

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