What can i do? My husband still sending mails to his ex; saying that he still in love with her.

Answer #1

Ask him WTF is he doing and why aren’t you with her if you still love her. Then leave his butt….wait do y’all have kids together?

Answer #2

u need to tell him that that kinda behavior is not what u do when u are married… and if he is then y are u with him? he needs to just love you… thats y u get married to stay commited to one person..

Answer #3

Dont beat around the bush, aproach him calmly and state your case, talk it over, but avoid talking AT him, talk with him about it. Give him an ultimadum between her or you.

Answer #4

Apparantly he’s deemining yuh and your much more valuable than that. This kinda behavior shows that if at a point yuh both had growing up to yuh might wanna ask ur self if the person u married is a man or still a boy and from his current behavior he is reluctantly showin that he has to grow some balls and choose between love or lust. Your way to good for him drop him and go find a real man! Upbringing your standards and your needs, stand up for yourself and your believes talk with him. Good luck!

Answer #5

i knoe i don’t know you , but if i was in your shoes….. i would live the guy …. he is obvoiusly not interested anymore , and i guessing you deserve better than him :)

Answer #6

Omg really?!?! That’s so wrong of him!!!!! Okay u reallllly gotta confront him about that cuz that’s really wrong. If he left her for u then idk if he trurly loves u

Answer #7

ok that’s really wrong. ask him wtf he’s doing and if he doesn’t give you a straight answer, tell him your going to leave him if he doesnt give you a straight answer. maybe stay at a friends house? idk…. but Good Luck :)

Answer #8

Thank y’all. kissesssss

Answer #9

Confront him…but not until you have a plan. I’m thinking you might have to build yourself up a bit before you are prepared to leave him, if it comes down to that.

You are worth far more than what you are getting from him. If he lies, then walk out. He’s not worth it, and probably won’t change in this lifetime.

Answer #10

hell no divorcee him well i would but i dont know i will kill him and her

Answer #11

slap the hell out of him

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