Does it hurt to get a tattoo by the belly button?

Answer #1

Physically yeah stomach tattoos hurt quite a bit. My hip didn’t hurt but it did a bit when it got more on my stomach area. Think about when you have kids your tattoo will be totally trashed.

Answer #2

I would imagine it does, only because that skin is really sensitive. Then again, I hear a tattoo hurts no matter where you get it. :O

Answer #3

It depends on your pain tolerance but all tattoos hurt. I would imagine a belly tattoo would hurt on a lower level than say a wrist or ankle tattoo. I’ve hurt that the more fat there is, the less it hurts. So a belly one shouldn’t be anything too intolerable.. good luck :)

Answer #4

I got a tattoo on the shoulder blade, it hurt a little. But I would imagine the stomah area is more sensitive and it would hurt more.

Answer #5

the belly is sensitive area so yeah it will hurt

Answer #6

heck yea i hav eone one my side and it hurt like crap!!!

Answer #7

Ouch! I’m still debating though, but thanks for the info :)

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