What girls on here get tested for Hpv or have recieved the Hpv vaccine?

I got hpv years ago before the shot was even around. I was suprised to find out that now, 3 in 4 girls who are sexually active, have hpv. Most dont even know it since most times there are no symptoms that are visable.

Answer #1

my sisters all recived the vaccinee

Answer #2

i have had that

Answer #3

What is HPV, I think Ive heard of it but musta forgot

Answer #4

o yh I remember. Na I missed out on that I was in year 10 when they were doing it I think. The teachers said we couldnt have it because we were already sexually active, but surely we would have more chance of having Cervical Cancer than someone who hasnt had intercourse….very odd.

Answer #5

I Got it done

Answer #6

Its an Std and there are two strands. One causes warts and the other can cause cervical cancer. Some cases clear up on their own and some require having cancerous cell burned off of your uterus.

Answer #7

Where I live, all the girls get the shot when they’re in Grade Eight. They do it at the school, like people come in and do it for free. The girls just have to fill out a form and they can get it.

Answer #8

i had all 3 injections ending of last year and beggining of this year. it really hurt having it done…and i did have bruising around there for a couple weeks….but i would rather have that the HPV.

Answer #9

i’ve recieved the vaccine

Answer #10

i’ve recieved the vaccine

Answer #11

i’ve recieved the vaccine

Answer #12

I got it when i was 12.

Answer #13

I think I got mine when I was 13

Answer #14

I’ve never gotten the shot. My parents were always very against vaccinations. I’ve turned out healthy though.

Answer #15

I got the hpv vaccine. And free too . I think within the ages of 17 to 23 you can get it free atleast here in miami.

Answer #16

I wish I could have got the vaccine, but the government only started funding it here for girls under 18, very conveniently when I was 19. I couldnt afford to pay for all three injections so I never did.

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