How would you solve thiis math equation?

The equation is, x/3 -4 = x/5 ?

Thank you very much :D

Answer #1

yeah I know but my teacher gave me an exam review with the answers but I don’t understand how 2 works out either.. but it is the answer..

Answer #2

This is how it works…

     x/3 - 4 = x/5

find a common denominator, 15

     5x/15 - 4 = 3x/15

Subtract 3x/15 from both sides

     2x/15 - 4 = 0

Add 4 to both sides

     2x/15 = 4

Divide each side by 2

      x/15 = 2

Multiply each side by 15

       x = 30
Answer #3

im sorry I check my work and the answer is 30 but where did you hear it was to because if you check your work 2 doesn’t work but 30 does

Answer #4

I would say multiple the 4 on both top and bottom by 3… –> x/3 -12/3 = x/5 then and the left side together… –>x-12/3 = x/5 then cross muliply… —> 5x-60 = 3x subtract 5x… –> -60 = -2x then divide by -2 –> x=30

Answer #5

thanks for trying but it’s actually x= 2

but I dont know how to get it..

Answer #6

the answer is 5

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