How would you respond if this happened to you?

How would you respond if a rude coworkersaid you were retarded?

Answer #1

I would look at him/her crazy and move on cause they don’t know what retarded really is,if they keep on,I’ll report them and tell ‘em not to mess with me while I’m working. Waste of time.

Answer #2

depends on the context and the various other factors. ie You can tell whether they were being malicious by how it was said. But I guess there are worse insults out there, it seems rather non specific and non personal, kind of like calling you gay , something I wouldn’t be offended by. I can think of worse. People normally pick on your flaws

Answer #3

honesty I would cuss them out I would call them retarded back…

Answer #4

I’d throw down aha kidding. I’d laugh in their face and walk away. I don’t let people get me down. : ]

Answer #5

I would tell them to prove it. As long as im not in special classes & I have a job I am not mentally retarded :)

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