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How would I go about moving out at 16?

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My parents won't let me model for an agency. I've done two shoots with smalltime photographers so far, and this contract is my big break. The agency is very reputable, and extremely well known, and has contacted me mid last week. I'm considering being an emancipated minor.

Here's a little background on myself so I can prove I'm mature and capable enough to move out. I'm 16, born into a wealthy family. I do well in school (A-B average). My parents are strict Protestant Christians, but my mother is more liberal than my father and she somewhat supports me in this. My father is as conservative as it gets, and dislikes the industry because it "operates on sexuality". I cannot enter the contract if my father will not allow it, because he does have some say in this.

This contract means quite the large sum of money for me, but I'm wondering if this can prove to the judge that I'm able to be financially independent.

Also, they think that I will start doing heroin/coke. I'm a relatively (emphasis on the relatively) good kid, and even though the industry is harsh like that, I can hold my own. Most of my friends have so much money pouring out of their pockets (think "the hills" type of money) that they do just about everything. I've been able to hold my own with my personal beliefs and they respect me for that. What would be so different about the modeling industry?

What are the chances that I'd be able to make this work in court, and how would I do it?