How would I go about telling everybody that I'm pregnant?

At this point, I may or may not be pregnant. Maybe not, but I have to stay cautious.

If I do find out that I am, in fact, pregnant.. There are some things I would like to know.


  • How many pregnancy tests should I take to confirm it?
  • Who should I tell first?
  • How and where do I tell my boyfriend?
  • My parents don't think I would be the kind of person to have sex at this age, 17. How do I tell them?
  • Should I tell both my parents separately, or should they be together?
  • And should my boyfriend be there when I tell them?
  • Should I be there when he tells his mother?
  • Or should it just be me who tells his mom?
  • OR should his mother and my parents all be together when we/I tell them?
  • Should my boyfriend and I all ready be expected to have a "plan" for the child?

I’d really appreciate any advice. And would love to know all the WHENs , WHEREs and HOWs to this situation.

Thank you. :)

Answer #1

hun, before you worry about all that and start stressing yourself out- I’d make sure I was. false positive’s are unlikely- but take 2 to be sure.

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