How would Christianity affect a theocratic governments policies?

Please answer this question for me! I was wondering if you could please answer this question for me, as I can’t figure out the answer. thank you very much good sir.

Answer #1

toadaly gives some great examples of how this would work out from the Roman/Byzantine system, which was a particularly militant brand of Christian theocracy. And several governments from medieval Europe have brutal Christian theocratic traditions. What’s most interesting is that, while Christian theocracy was oppressing religious minorities across Europe, some of those minorities (especially Jews) were tolerated and even welcomed in the Islamic regimes of the Spanish Convivencia and the 15th century Ottoman Empire.

Answer #2

Since Rome was in fact a Christian theocracy for over 1000 years, we can just look at history to see what it would look like:

  • Suppression of corrupting influence of education
  • Suppression of all religious ideas other than the official creeds
  • A harsh tyrannical legal system
  • Magnificent church buildings constructed on the sweat and blood of the populace
  • Clergy living the life of luxury while the populace barely scrape by
  • Inquisitions, holy wars, witch trials, etc.
Answer #3

Providing the government in question was a Christian theocracy, then you could expect to see laws enforcing the Ten Commandments, enforced prayer in all public institutions, eradication/suppression of other religions. (This would include denominations as well.) There’s a raft of things that would change going from a secular government to a theocratic one…

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