How will cum taste if I eat tangerines instead of pineapples?

I eat a lot of tangerines and im like a fiend for them but I’ve been told and read that pineapples make someones cum taste better will tangerinse also do the same?

Answer #1

to me this is true to a certain degree if eating a lot of meat chicken beef ect can produce a bad taste I wud assume sweeter food (if eaten daily and relentlessly) will change the taste I think its true 4 women 2 but im nt sure

Answer #2

What you heard was most likely referring to the taste of male ejaculate being affected by the things he eats, which is true to some degree. But I’d say for you, this is a moot point, since your eating tangerines, pineapple, or anything else isn’t going to affect the taste of someone else’s semen one way or the other.

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