The taste of cum?

I want my girl to have pleasure when I cum in her mouth what foods should I eat to make it taste good???

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try eating citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits, it make your cum taste sweeter

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Chances are it will never taste 'good' but you can eat certain fruits to make it taste less-nasty.

How do you make cum taste good?
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dole pineapples..if you get the 6 pack they are like 1.25 for a huge can and also try not to drink as much milk and eat meat... also I heard the drinking a lot of water and excersiozing helps but yeah mostly eat fruits thatll do it

What does a womans cum taste like?
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pineapple makes it taste sweeter.

is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
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im not sure if this works but, I heard it on a sex talk show: Drink cranberry juice a few hours before you have sex.

Does cum taste gross?
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What does cum taste like?

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