How well does veet work?

Does it get the hair out by the root? Or does it just melt off the ends and leave you with dark dots like shaving?

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I use veet (bikini) and I dont mind the smell, it works to make it smooth if you use a thick enough layer, it slowed hair growth a bit, but it is easily irritated by underwear. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON FOR MORE THAN RECCOMENDED TIME that is when you get a severe reaction. hope this helps!

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Veet is a depilatory and works by using harsh chemicals to dissolve your hair beneath the skin, which is why Veet/Nair keep hair off longer (3 days-1 week) than shaving, as shaving only cuts hair off at the surface of your skin- hence the black dots. When applied properly and for the right length of time, Veet shouldn't leave those hair-dots. You'll smell awful though.

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It smells bad, doesn't dissolve all the hair, and and is messy.

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it works but it smells bad :(

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I tried it one time it burned and itched and when it was time to take it off it looked the same as before... it doesnt work! :)

How well does hair removal cream from veet work?

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