How To Work Windows Movie Maker?

I’m not sure how to put images and make a slideshow style video with pictures and music in the background. Any informantion would be helpful for this. Thanks a load!


Answer #1

It’s easy. All you do is go to import under tasks and select pictures. Then find the picture you want.

After the picture you want is imported, just click on it and drag it to the timeline/story board down at the bottom. Then you can adjust how long the picture will be up by placing the cursor over the edge when it becomes little arrows - click and drag to the desired time.

Importing music is exactly the same, only you select music instead of pictures.

Hope this helped. Not sure which version you have XP or vista.. but they are primarily the same.

You can add effects to the pictures by right clicking and selecting “effects”

(another advanced pointer for you… animated photos will work in movie maker… so if you want to add a gif image that’s animated it’ll look very nice.)

When you’re done you’ll want to “save movie”(xp) or publish movie(vista) to finish it.

xox Sika

Answer #2

Thanks a load Sika!!! THat was very helpful!

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