How to walk in me new shoes? :)

I bought some new boots. And they are so high, and I can't walk in them! I've got a picture. --->
Any tips of trying to walk in them? Its so hard... I just fall all the time. lol

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you just got to practice :)
Wear them around the house for a little while so you get used to wearing them and 'break them in', and you should be able to :)

I suppose it's kinda like high heels. I failed when I first started wearing them more but the more you wear them, the more comfortable you'll be.


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ok,so I go some pretty similar boots and I usually walk in them band geek style. that means yu kinda walk starting w/yur heel then toe..and it's kinda like a rocking's pretty hard to explain..or yu could just shuffle yur feet around..that works for me..hope this helps

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when you are in your house just walk around in them and sit around in them ! it will seriously help you to get your ballance and stand good !

Hope I helped xx

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Jeez, think you could buy any bigger ones? Haha. The only way I could see you walking in those is if you walked like you couldn't bend your knee. Either that, or stretch out the leather around the ankle by just bending them back and forth until that gets easier. Good luck!

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Those won't be that bad once you get the hang of them because the bottoms of them are solid and not heels. Just practice around your house - wear them while your at home - it will help break them in and get you used to walking in them.

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you could walk around your house in them to get the hangof em

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hmmm... maybe you should have a friend try and help u

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