how to type special characters.

I know how to type most of them like:ß and other ones but when I go on the character map some of them just have U+FFFC but they dont have on the otherside keystroke:then the code, but the ones I can type are only the ones with keystroke: and then the code so how do I type ones like U+FFFC ¿ <– lol

Answer #1

oh right thank you very much! I’ve seen around that people have said to do it on a calculator but no one has said how so I appreciate it and I can use HTML so thank you for that too! :)

Answer #2

Where you see a number given such as U+263A, the 263A is in hexadecimal. You can use Windows’s calculator program to convert that. In the calculator, go to the menu View and choose Scientific. Click Hex. Enter 263a, then click Dec, which gives you 9786. You can input it as described in the last post. Hold alt, and press 9 7 8 6 on the number pad (right side of the keyboard). Or, if you can use HTML, &#9786; The ¿ I see here is indeed character 191.

Answer #3

this is how to type the squiggly b, I have a laptop so it might make a difference: press Fn and NumLK and you’ll see a green light and then hold Alt and press on the numberpad not the numbers at the top of the keyboard, anyway hold Alt and press:0223 then let go of alt and you have ß

howto type an upside down ? follow the steps above but this time hold Alt and press: 0191 remember not on the numbers at the top of keyboard and you get ¿

hope that helped.

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