How to touch a guy when making out...

how are you supposed to touch a guy when you make out?
like guys can grab your butt and rub your back..
what do girls do to guys?

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well I start wit the abs. and work my way down then go back up to tease him.
it really works

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mess with his hair ;
rub on his back
rub his arms
or you cn even grab his butt too
its all up to what your in the mood for

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play around with his neck and hair. You could also tease him a lot if you want to. sexually tease him.

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If he grabs your butt while kissing, go ahead and put your knee/leg in his crotch. Not hard, but just enough so he can feel it.

As for your hands, just put them on his neck and or hair. You can also move his arms down to your butt if he isn't putting them there; depends on how serious you are.

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