How else can i touch my guy when we make out??

What else can I do to my guy when we are making out? Like he grabs my ass and all that, but what else can I do to him besideess tousle his hair and have my arms around his neck? Help please!

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Dig all of your fingers into his back just a little bit (with both hands)... Try not to like scratch him a bunch, but just clench 'em a little into the middle part of his back to show intimacy. Or hold his hips. Or definitely put your hand on his inner-thigh or any part of his leg. :)

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r you serious
try touching his inner thigh(rubbing along it) while hes trying to grab your butt

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grabb his butt it might be weird but they like it or around the wast

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my friend told you could do it on the stomach?

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