How to tell if three random side lengths can form a triangle?

I have how and I need to know this remember not angles, just side lengths I have the side length of 22, 30, 36 and can those form a triangle, or can 12, 30, 20 form a triangle

Answer #1

ok thanks guys except you irak, are you dumb or something I have three measurements and I have to see if they can make a triangle I don’t have a triangle to start with geesh.

Answer #2

If I remember correctly, the sum of the two shorter lengths has to be greater than the longest length. Otherwise the lines cannot connect at the ends and still form a triangle

Answer #3

the side measurements don’t matter a tringle is a 3 sided object.

Answer #4

Chips is right. The two shorter sides must add up to longer than the single longest side.

Answer #5

Irak your dumb or you FROM iraq cause that would explain why. yes, it was a racist comment.

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