How to teach my dog some tricks..

So, I have a black lab. She is very smart and knows most of the tricks. But how do I teach her how to bow? I also want to teach her how to beg. Any answers will help. Thanks (:

Answer #1

Ahh.. I have a book and I taught my lab to sit, speak, count (you hold 2 fingers up and they bark 2 times), shake, high five, crawl, etc. I can’t really remember how to do it though because it was forever ago haha.. but I’ll check the book right now and get back to you. :)

Answer #2

you can teach a dog to bow by hlding her waist up with your arm arm (the inside part of your elbow)then, drag a treat down in front of her as she goes down drag the treat forward till he is in a bowing position.

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