How to stop sisters from stelling friends

How do you stop your sister from taking friends off u

Answer #1

Can’t you share friends? I have a cousin I’m super close to. She’s like my sister. A lot of my friends are her friends too. It bothered me at first, but I can’t control who my friends like.

Answer #2

Stop inviting your friends over.If she dosnt know they exist she cant steal em. Go to there house

Answer #3

don’t let anyone see that you are bothered by it. The only reason sisters try to “steal” your friends is due to natural competition. If your sister knows that she has “won” something that you didn’t want to share, she will gloat. So if she thinks you don’t care, she won’t bother. she may try it a few times though to see if she can make you mad.

Answer #4

maybe if you were a better friend they would feel the need to leave you for your sister. (ps. stealing not stelling)

Answer #5

uhm they’re people… you cant steal people… if they choose to be with your sister then they werent very good friends and well you’re probably better off without them. Choose a different type of person to be friends with

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