How to stop my menstrual cycle for my vacation?

Please help, I am going to hawaii, and its going to be hot, and im going to start my period, and is there any way to stop it? Or just stop it for a little while at least, my biggest concern, is because im going snorkeling with sharks, and I get sun stroke easy when im on my cycle.

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so what exactly is this vinegar thing?? im having an out a town guest and I really dont need aunt flo to be visiting...I need her to stay away for a couple more days

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It's going to happen to me on the other day .. Just found out I think im gonna have my period and im going to the amusment park for fun.. I found out anything sour will help.. But the vinegar's best.been doing it everytime my period comes and I need to stop it..

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how much vinegar do you drink to make period stop?

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the vinegar will thin your blood and it helps with the cramps as well.

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go on the pill
apart from that no
but obviously,
some birth control will stop your menstural cycle so you cant get pregnant
so have a quick chat to your doctor so that he can suggest a suitable one for you
that you can safely discontinue after the holiday

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OMG that's sooo cool I never heard of the vinegar thing before I am SOOO going to try that!!!

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Take the pill and never stop. Everything else people say here is nonsense.

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I'm having the same problem, I'm going to the poconos and I have every intention of having sex, sex, sex. I'm on the pill, but I'm planning to do the vinegar too, you can take it with water, but I'm not need this to work!!!

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had the same problem...go to your gyno and get rx for norethindrone 5mg tabs,take 3-4 days before your period...3xday...stop taking pills when you are ready for period to will have more info

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There are some pills you can take, you need to get a prescription for them. There is a time constraint though, I remember when I went in to the doctor it was too late... Try and get an appointment asap...

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hahhahha... I had the sam eproblem too... best and d nly way that works for me.. take a "Primutal (n)" just 3-4 days before your cycle begins and have one a day right before dinner, if you skip even one your cycle will begin so be careful not to skip. another thing.. don't have direct milk while on this medications. worked for me! good luck!

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I have syopped my period by squeezind lime into a cup and drinking it three times a day for 1 or 2 days. try it, it really does work.

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actually the vinegar trick does work. I have been using this method for years and it works wonders. for those who asked, it is best to mix the vinegar with something and drink it down. normally I chase the vinegar with juice. it isn't too bad...good luck

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Some of you guys are so harsh. As you should all know there is a way around everything. You all act like you've never had a hot date and that little red friend of yours doesn't know how to get the hell on. Nobody said she wanted to have sex while her period was on hell that's why she wants it off. I think the vinegar thing is your best bet boo. White vinegar will dry your system out enough of it should dry up the blood. Im having the same dilema right now. I'm sure gonna try it. Hope everything works out. Bottoms UP!!!

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Go on de pill and dont tak a 7 day break just continue de second pack and you wont get them until you finish taking de pill =]
Hope dis helps !!

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Nope, there is absolutely no way. Take lots of tampons and obviously take pads too for bed time. Be sure to keep hydrated and you should be fine.

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you all are so full of it except babyt0564!

here is the easiest and natural way to stop a period:

Steo 1 Remove your shirt and bra. Skin to skin contact is most effective when you use this method to stop period occurrences. If you like, put a couple drops of baby oil or lotion on your finger tips.

Step 2 Begin with your finger tips near your cleavage side of the breasts. Start right by the nipples and circle each hand up and around towards the outside. The left hand should move in a clockwise direction around the breast to stop period flow, and the right hand should move counter clockwise.

Step 3 Continue nonstop breast circling 200 times each morning and night. Some people remember it best if they do it in the shower in the morning and before bed each night.

Step 4 Wait until you stop period cycles before altering your method. Once you have skipped menstruation, you can reduce the breast circling to only 100 times twice a day.

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drinking vinegar? how many days prior to your start of your period? going on the cruise on the week my period will come. please HELP!

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If You're Not On Birth Control, Here's What Affects The Timing Of Your Period:

Exercise. If you put extra physical stress on your body, it's more likely to hold off on bleeding for an extra few days. ...
Stress. ...
Living With A Woman. ...
Weight Change. ...
Eating Gram Lentils. ...
Eating Spices. ...
Drinking Water.

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Periods get less intense and last less if you eat healthy and exercise. Pretty much that.

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