Extremely irregular menstrual cycle, help needed fast!

My friend is having some issues with her menstrual cycle. Before halloween 07 her periods were regular, and she had been having them for a while. On halloween 07, she had an appendicitus, and her appendix exploded. After that (and the operation) her periods stopped, until january 09. After that period, she didnt have another one till 9 days ago, which makes this current period 9 days long. Before the appendicitus, her periods usually lasted around 2 days.She is naturally a slim person, and eats a balanced diet. Can anyone please suggest what may be causing this irregularity? She is 15.

Answer #1

Please have this girl see a gynecologist! you don’t have to be sexually active to see one. puberty and periods are enough reason to start your regular visits.

It wouldn’t be responsible of me to speculate on what may be causing this girl’s irregularity or whether the ruptured appendix is related, but as with anything with your body and health - at best, its nothing, at worst its fatal. Seriously.

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