How to stop being a procastinater?

I always do that and I need to stop. I procastinate with tests and homework assignments and usually wait to the last minute to do projects. Any advice would help.. Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

I Lovee Procrastinating; It’ss Fun!

Lmaoo- I don’t know about you but The Best Thingg for me is to Sit back and let Thingss Flo Easily; Maybe even eat a Cookie while I’m at it, Lol.

-TRY IT! Relaxxingg is Juss Wonderful =] ! and Myy Grades seem to be fine. in a way- xD

Answer #2

I do the same thing…I just started doing it…if I couldnt concentrate I just take a break for a while…then it gets my brain a chance to simmer down…hope it helps…

Answer #3

I am like that and I’m stopping it cause my grades are at the worst level in my eyes,for me,it’s just like the beginning of 10th grade,I’m slacking off for the first semester but I always end up doing all my work in the second semester.

You may need motivation to do your work. You will want to attend college,who doesn’t? If you know someone that you go to school with that does all their work and gets good grades,use them as a motivation,cause you know they could possibly be the key to your graduation.

I’m doing that,my motivation is my 2 good friends Monique (FA advisor) and my awesome friend Lynn. Try that :)

Answer #4


  1. Start a daily routine like exercising eg: running, or aerobic, it gives you a good mental momentum to start and face your day with enthusiasm, energy and focus!

2.Eat a good healthy breakfast in the morning, it makes your stomach less hungry during lunch time at School or work!

  1. Start a ritual of praying in the morning daily or in the afternoon, it takes your mind away from wondering around while you’ve got some work to do.

  2. Get yourself good friends to keep you mental attitude and fluid flowing so you wont have time to procrastinate.

Good luck!

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