How to search people in Sweden?

In school, I am in a class called Pen Pals. I have written to two of them so far, both living in Sweden, but yesterday I got a letter from a girl who seems a lot like me! I wrote back to her, giving her my email and MSN. Problem is, I don’t want to wait that long to hear from her again. How can I search for someone in Sweden? Is there a website I could go to? She asked me if I had a a social site, or a social site, which made me assume she has one. I searched for her on both websites and couldn’t find her. If you could tell me a website where I could get her email, or MSN, or a social site that would be awesome! Do you think I just have to wait for the next letter? I tried EVERYTHING! Please Help!

Answer #1

Yeah, but not if I said that I was their pen pal. Whatever, thanks for your help anyways. I don’t really think they will think I am stalking them, but I guess I will take your advice…

Answer #2

well there are 2 outcomes of you tracking them down…

  1. they will b happy they were tracked down (rarely happens)
  2. theyre gonna feel like youre stalking them ( most likely outcome) moral of the story… DO NOT track people down, youll scare the crap outta them take my advice on this one and just wait…I got tracked down by a girl I met in europe and I was kinda creeped out
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