How to remove rv smell?

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RV Shocker
It will easily remove any severe odor including pet, cigarette smoke, mold and mildew odors by completely sanitize the interior within two hours. It is revolutionary new technology that makes Chlorine Dioxide and its benefits available to the general public. Chlorine Dioxide is the strongest and yet safe biocide which up until now has only been accessible to large industries like food packing plants and sanitation, to eliminate odors disinfect and decontaminate.

The company introducing the product is Biocide Systems. They are so confident in the results that they offer a money back guarantee.

The product works very much like a fumigation bomb. It comes with a cup you add a little water and let sit for four hours in the RV.

Not only dose it remove the odor after two hours but it literally sanitized the entire interior leaving it smelling crisp and clean.

I highly recommend it. A great benefit to any RV enthusiast.

This was my experience.

My family and I took the RV out over this past Presidents' Day weekend. We went to one of my favorite spots near Kennedy Meadows. As we were packing up the final things to head home our dog decided to dance with a skunk. As you can imagine our dog lots and darted right into the RV. By the time we were able to get Rosco our dog out of the RV and wash him down the skunk odor had permeated the entire RV and everything in it. We were left with no choice but to suffer a four hour road trip with the awful smell. Needless to say the ride home was one of the most challenging experiences but that's another story in itself.

When we finally got home we had a professional auto detailing company come out on an emergency call. They steamed cleaned the carpets and cushions then they sprayed an enzyme cleaner. It did not put a dent in the odor. The next day they tried using an Ozone machine. $400 later no major improvement.

Then my daughter-in-law insisted I go to a website called She used a product called Room Shocker to get rid of cigarette odors out of a vacant apartment she needed to rent out. She claimed it delivered the most amazing results and bet me it would work or she would pay for it. When I went to their website I was pleasantly surprised to find that they not only had a Room Shocker for homes but also an RV shocker and Boat Shocker. I went ahead and ordered the RV Shocker for $24.95. It was at my door in the next morning.

I follow the instructions and set off the RV Shocker. After two hours I peeked my head in the RV to check on everything and I could smell a chlorinated sent but no skunk odor. I could not believe my nose. I went ahead and stepped in to the RV and was baffled when I realized the skunk odor was gone. I was literally in an overwhelming state of disbelief and shock. I immediately took the cup out and put it in the storage shed where I placed all the items that were tainted in the RV. I've opened all the doors and windows to the RV to air it out. Within 20 minutes the chlorinated smell was gone and no skunk odor left. I then brought my wife in for the final approval. She literally had tears of joy when she relies that the odor was gone and our RV was back to normal and even better than before.
Not only did it remove the skunk odor but it also removed the stubborn pet odor and left the RV smelling crisp and clean.
A couple hours later everything in the shed was the same crisp and clean. Even the damp mildew odor in the shed was gone.
Amazing is the only word to properly describe the results.

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Does this product leave behind a smell? If so, what is it like and how will it last. If not please tell me. Again, it is safe for pets to be around?
Thanks, Kat F.

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