How to remove a tattoo yourself?

My husband really wants to go to the army and he cant because he has a tear drop on his face he has to get it off in one try and no treatment can do that and its going to cost 1,000's of dollars He found a place that will cut it off but way to expensive how can I do it at home and what do I need

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umm you can cut the pattern again and then rub it with salt this draws the ink out

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You can take salt & ice to remove it or I have seen people use a tattoo gun with no ink and go trace the tattoo with no ink and it will scab up then you can remove the scab and the tattoo will be will have a scar that look like the tatto you had.

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I know I'm not suppose to say stuff like this, But some times I can't be said any other way. . . .
Are you Crazy or ignorant? Mutalating yourself is not the answer. . . .

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I am facing a similar problem I have a tattoo on my upper arm I need off now and I have attacked it with steel wool and covered it in alcohol and its bleeding a lot but it seems to be fading im thinking of burning it after if this dosent work

How can I remove a tattoo at home?
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in the past I've attacked the problem area with a blowtorch and a large carving knife. however a word of warning with this method as iit ended up with a large amount of blood loss and me spending 3 days in hospital. my advice... don't get it done in the first place y

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Don't do anything like in the film Gladiator

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Why can't he go into the military with a tattoo? They sure come out of it with a lot!

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I HEARD that it comes off if you leave ice and salt on it because it supposively tears the skin off it sounds extremely painful

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You have to go back to the tattoo parlour and get something over it or get laser surgeory

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hm well, maybe you can just put some make-up over it, and fake-out the people in charge of all that army stuff. don't cut it off though, come on now, that's scary!

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Because there is a part in the film where he cuts it out!!

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Because there is a part in the film where he cuts it out!!

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How would killing a emperor and becoming a slave help her poor boyfriend remove the tear tattoo from his fface?

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cool my husband is trying to tattoo beige over it to make it look like skin

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If you want to get a tattoo removed... get it done by a PROFESSIONAL. NEVER try anything like that on your own. You could end up with infections. Not to mention it will be painful. Even if you get it done professionally it'll be a bit painful.

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get it tattooed over then as it is healing peel the scabs off and it will pull all the color out thats what I did on one of mine

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I had a tattoo on my had that I did to myself .
I needed it removed.
so being to stupid but clever teen that I am I burnt it off. then it would scab up pulled it right off.
theres no easy way to do it.
yes it is painful. but only for a little bit.
I took a cigeret liter turned it upside down got the metal all hot then put it right over the tat.
watied a few minutes and did it again makin sure I got the whole thing.
since its a tear drop you can get a smaller piece of metal heat it up and do it.
but once its hot do it fast bestter to get in one hot burn then having to do it over and over.
it sucks.
once it scabs over and I have peeled it off take care of it dont pick at it at all.

to this day you can hardly see the scar. on my hand , I have to point it out for them to find it.
good luck be careful
and ask if you have questions.

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Ah I see well that really is sweet of you. Im thinking that if you rather burn it, or turn it into a scar, and then pick it off. That may work.
Because I couldnt help but to pick at my tattoo. And where I picked, is now the colour of my skin. So some how turn the tattoo into a scap(burn, or cut), and then wait about a week and pick it off.

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The reason your man can't go into the military with that tattoo is because it's gang related, a tear drop represents death, usually you killed opposite gang member, but any way im getting a whole sleeve removed and it's only going to cost two thousand, try more removal places, or tattoo shops will use there tat gun and use a saline solution over and over again, not at the same time though, let it heal and then put neo-sporin on it and put a bandage on it this will help the ink come out faster.

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That is scary..
But imagine the trouble he would get in if he was ever caught covering with makeup! I mean, they always shower, travel through swamps/rain. If they noticed that he'd been covering up a tattoo for however long. He may get kicked out of the military..
Humiliating! :|

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I dont care about cutting it off ill do it no problem I heard about burning it off but I don't know how to do any of it burning or cutting so...but I want to know how to because its his dream and ill do it if I have too

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The only thing I can think of is painful..You may actually have to *remove* the skin. like the top one or two layers.

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I'm having a tattoo removed it's very painful. . . I'm having it removed with Cosmetic surgery, They inject Acid in my skin to break up the ink and I can't put any healing aids on it at any time. . . . Just had a treatment today. . .

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amandao1227 yor last post on Jan 08 said your husband was tattooing beige over it to look like real skin, did that work???, because I have a teardrop tattoo next to my eye and I have been looking for some way to get it gone.

Please let me know if it worked or atleast lighten it.

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There are some books out there about how to remove tattoos naturally, e.g [link removed]

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Use TCA peel .. its cheap and easy to use and effective !

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Use TCA peel .. its cheap and easy to use and effective !

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