How to recover from bad days?

lately I’ve been feeling so gross like when you having a bad day and you look like shi*t and you just want to go home and sleep through the day thats how I feel like all the time now. It’s not a self eestem issue it’s just more like a sick feeling kind of. Anyways when you feel really gross what do you do to make yourself feel better

Answer #1

I agree with darkwolfgirl1240. it does sound like depression. you need to see your dr about getting a counsellor of some sort to find out what’s causing this. good luck.

Answer #2

You said lately? I think from what it sounds like you might have seasonal depression which is like during a certain season such as winter, when its cold, rainy, and wet. a lot of people don’t know it but yeah talk to a dr. see what they say.

Answer #3

Have a shower.. do your hair all nicely, put a bit of make-up on maybe get dressed in nice casual clothes and put some cool music on =] Then for me, on days like that I do all this and go out to starbucks or neros to go and get a coffee and some cake with my mateeys =D


Answer #4

DEar overit ,

Sounds like you may be suffering from what some one would call depression Although your question is what do you do to feel better and what not my answer is you need some one there for you some one in whom you can talk to and confide in. Rather then look for a means to treat a sympthom why not just attack the issue it self.

Get help or talk to some one you trust. There is a reson why you feel like this and it mostly is a good reason too.

I wish you only the bestt of luck in helping your self.

dark Wolf

Answer #5

1> Were things that are cute and casual.

  1. Make sure your clothes match

For the make up

  1. Nothing to dark, you don’t want to look goth
  2. follow these steps Light shiny eyeshadow just on the eyelid appliy with brush then rub in with pinky. Appliy mascara to eyelashes NO EYELINER Clear lipgloss and your ready to go! But make sure after every day you wash your face other wise you will get zits! Also buy some Netrogena acne scrubbing wash. Do this before appliying make-up in the moring and at before you go to bed
Answer #6

Go out and buy youself something nice for youself or just go to dinner at a nice restarant by yourself. Take a nice long bath or shower and drink a nice cup of hot tea and take a long nap. Keep telling yourself that you are going to feel good today. Drink a few beers with tomato juice.Rent the movies you really want to see and cut the phone off till after the movie is over, or go get laid,or you could do something for someone less fortnate than you it will take your mind off your problems for a while and will make you feel good inside. The truth is their is no clear answer you will have to try and find what makes you feel good.

Answer #7

I usually put on some up-beat music, it gets me moving and makes me more energetic and makes me want to go out and have fun.

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