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Bad day.

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Want to share your bad day?

Well mine was that I started this new job a week ago at mcdonalds. These group of kids that are really immature come in-you know the popular drama group-and they start laughing at me. I mean, if this was any other person, they wouldn't have said anything or even laughed. This one kid always brings up my past and how I never talked so I hate him with a passion and he is the biggest jerk you will ever meet! On top of that I just found out that my stepdad broke my guitar's neck by dropping it on the amp. I actually really really liked that guitar and now it's gone. What a waste of my money! All I want to do is stay in my room and listen to simple plan songs. Just all this is bringing me down and I haven't been the happiest person lately. I just really hate my town. I want a fresh start and move on somewhere else.

I don't even care if people read this, I just need to write it down somewhere. If you respond, thanks.