How to make warts get better/go away!

This is really embarassing and gross but I’ve had a wart on my toe since winter. It hurts a lot, but im away on vacation with my mom for another month and can;t go to the doctors until I return home. Is there any tricks anyone knows that can make it hurt less/ get better

Answer #1

You could get stuff to freeze it off. Compound W is the best its like 12$ at your local drug store.

Answer #2

Heyy, I know how you feel, I had that problem awhile back and it was making me feel down because of it. This is going to sound really strange but it worked for me they were gone the next day. Get your mum or whoever to get a penny and say I will give you this penny for that wart, put the penny in your palm and hold tight then put it under your pillow. That worked for me and believe me I’m not into all that believing but it is worth it.

Try it and fun mail me and tell me if it worked Hope I helped :) x

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